Top Tone DG-2 Drive Gate
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Top Tone DG-2 Drive Gate

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The TopTone DG-2 is based on the classic Big Muff circuit architecture like the DG-1, but the DG-2 is a whole different animal that is in a tone class all by itself, very unlike a Fuzz line. The DG-2 is a blend of overdrive and warm tube amp style distortion. It harnesses the best elements of classic British plexi amp tones, with the tone coloring enriched by germanium components and saturation reminiscent of a Rat, with and a hint of Big Muff harmonics mixed in.

The DG-2 can be dialed low for warm, crunchy rhythm and lead tones, almost like an overdrive, or dial the sustain to maximum for searing, saturated, overdriven British amp-like distortion. The mid tones are very clear and articulate, allowing the DG-2 to sound just as good on the clean channel of your amp as it does on the drive channel.

Technical Information

True By-Pass, avoiding signal loss;
Extremely reinforced aluminum box;
LED of high brightness/low consumption;
Totally handmade with components selected and tested individually;
Low consumption: 1,8mA when in Stand by position and 4,8mA when working;
The power supply connector in front, 2.1mm as Boss pattern;
Covered with polycarbonate adhesive, very tough