Shin's Music Dumbloid 335 Special Overdrive Pedal
Shin's Music Dumbloid 335 Special Overdrive Pedal

Shin's Music Dumbloid 335 Special Overdrive Pedal

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Amazing Dumbloid Special 335 from Shin's Music / Dumbloid effects! These pedals immediately caught my attention as they're absolutely next level when it comes to sweet, touch-sensitive overdrive and impeccably clean, transparent boost. The Dumble-like tones that come out of these little stompboxes is unreal! The controls are extremely responsive and allow for a massive spectrum of tonal options, all of which are completely usable. Furthermore, these pedals are stackable and the gain structures play off of one another when used in conjunction. 

In Jazz mode you can coax tones of many famous players from Robben Ford to Larry Carlton.  The tone get  full, woody, round characteristics.  Kick it in to Rock mode and you get more mids and focus a-la Robben Ford, Keith Urban, Santana.  There is quite a bit of headroom in this pedal it can be used as an organic boost to a full on Overdrive Special! The Drive control gently ramps up the gain, while the Accent controls the sensitivity and dynamics that correspond with the input coming from the instrument.
  • Custom Gold Scratch Finish
  • Jazz/Rock Switch
  • Controls: Gain, Accent (Cut/Presence), Tone, Volume
  • Two distinct voicings

Dumbloid 335 Special

Very similar to the Standard dumbloid special. The main difference is it dials out some of the fuzz in the upper mid range Very similar to Larry Carlton hence the 335. 

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