Coaltone roasted maple guitar neck
Coaltone roasted maple guitar neck
Coaltone Guitars

Coaltone roasted maple guitar neck

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Coaltone has been working and testing roasted wood for their neck for the last 6 years. They were among the first to experiment with that process for guitar neck. Now they release their amazing necks for upgrading your typical strat or tele. You'll see instantly an improvement in sustain, tone and feel. It basically doesn't move, it is really stable because the humidity is set at around 4%. They are lot of fun to play kind of like a vintage neck. Experiment the Coaltone experience.

Our roasted maple neck go thru a special kiln drying process which involves heating the wood to over 300 degrees in a special kiln, removing the moisture from the wood. This process vulcanizes the wood making it stronger, yet lighter in weight. The big advantage is that after going under this process, the wood becomes much less susceptible to moisture and climate changes, resulting in a more stable, predictable piece of wood. This is great for guitar neck especially, and will result in less need for adjustments between seasons and different weather conditions. An extra added bonus from this process is while stabilizing figured maple, that is typically not so stable, it also greatly enhances the color and figuring in the wood. The finished product is usually stunning, has improved tone and increased sustain!

It come with 4 Heli coil screws. The neck become tighter with the body, resulting in more sustain.



- Dimensional Stability: wood will not shrink , swell or wrap with changing weather. PERFECT FOR TOURING


-Chemical free treatment Process: Cooked Wood uses NO CHEMICAL or TOXIC substances


- Reduces density while maintaining Stiffness result in a lighter neck


- Yield a microstructure similar to naturally aged woods with lower moisture content.


- More resonance and less damping


- Vibration testing indicates that roasted maple exhibits clearer tone with a stronger fundamental than untreated maple samples.




Baked One piece Maple Neck with a maple ‘’ skunk stripe’’
Width at the Nut: 1.725 ou 1"11/16
Width at the Heel:2.200
Number of Frets: 21
Fret Type: Medium jumbo
Finger Board Radius: 9.5
Top Inlay: Imitation:
Side Inlay: Imitation Clay Dots
Back Profile: Medium :C
Finger Board Edges: Semi-Rolled
Tuner Hole Size:  (Kluson Style) 
Finish:tung oil
Neck thickness   .939 at first fret1,005 at twelfth fret-Baked One piece Maple Neck with a maple ‘’ skunk stripe’’
Scale Lenght : 25 ½
Neck will fit regular F Body (2.200 Width)
BiFlex Truss Rod at the heel of the neck ( note as the wood is really stable the truss rod doesn<t move the neck as much as on a regular neck)
Come with 4 Heli-coil and Screws

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