Coaltone Roastaster Custom Guitar
Coaltone Roastaster Custom Guitar
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Coaltone Roastaster Custom Guitar

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Coaltone guitars are the result of years of experience working in the vintage guitars market, repairing and building guitars with roasted wood. It is our opinion that the most important factor affecting the sound of solid body instruments is the acoustic quality of the wood. The better a guitar sounds acoustically, the better it always sounds, no matter what pickups, electronics, or amplification are used. The wood for Coaltone instruments is carefully selected for acoustic resonance, light weight, and beautiful grain. After several experimentation, we decide that all our necks  would be based on roasted maple, for it's stability, tone and playability. Our body are made from select Pine, alder, swamp ash, and figured maple tops laminated to swamp ash or alder.
We follow our wood selection with either oil or nitrocellulose finishes and construct our instruments using the highest quality components available. 
The Coaltone Guitar is available in an Vintage S-Style or T-Style-shaped body. Almost all pickups configurations are available. 
Our 21-fret necks are shaped for comfort and playability. The 9.5" radius (other radius available) , allows for improved string bending without "choking", especially in the upper register. Jumbo frets are used to facilitate string bending as well.
We really enjoy Glendale vintage-style bridge combined with Gotoh steggered tuning gears and a tusq self-lubricating nut. This is the ideal system for the working guitarist who takes one guitar to a gig.


All Coaltone guitars are made in Montreal.

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