Landry M100L Head


One of the best channel switcher out there. Killer Blackface clean, British drive channel and a Marshall meet Dumble Bluesmaster type of lead.
It come with 2 front panel. Original one and a custom wooden one.

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The M100L amps is an alternate offering, taking the Landry sound into a different direction than the LS100G3. The M series bring a more linear preamp response for a “bigger” overall tone, with the clean channel resting squarely in the “American” style of voicing.

The gain channels feature the same configuration as the LS100G3 but have a smoother voicing that can go from buttery smooth to roaring. The high gain mode takes the gain over the top to satisfy any high gain player and maintains its responsiveness at all settings. The M100L and M50V are similar in tone as they share most of the same architecture, but the 6L6s and larger transformers in the M100L lend a more aggressive nature.


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