About Us

Gearlovin is a company based in Ste-Beatrix, Quebec, Canada that specialized in finding the best used boutique and vintage guitars and amplifiers. parts and gear from around the world and offering the best knowledge of it.


About the owner :

My name is Carl Dutremble, I've been a professional musician for the last 15 years touring with lot of Quebec band in the blues and rock scene. But most important of all I've been in the high end gear since I've first start and I have worked the last 10 years as a tone consultant in the Montreal area. Being a lucky gear lover, I've tried and own over time a lot of the more sought after gear available: Dumble, Komet, Maven Peal, Carol Ann, Two Rock, Welagen, Guytron, Lazy J Gjika, Gustavsson, Koll, Coaltone, Gigliotti, Glendale, Pete Cornish, Klon Centaur and so on...Been also collectiong vintage guitars

The whole idea of Gearlovin is to have a different approach toward gear and customers than anything you can find on the net. Don't hesitate, contact me, I'll always do my best to help you out.

Come experience us!