The Coolest Guitars Often Belong to the Coolest Rock Stars

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The Coolest Guitars Often Belong to the Coolest Rock Stars

The Coolest Guitars Are in the Hands of the Hottest Stars

Rock stars have certain flair and nowhere is this more apparent than when looking at some of the coolest guitars used by rock guitarists. Some musicians are known for one particular guitar while others are known as collectors who may have many unique and interesting axes.

Rick Nielson of Cheap Trick
Rick Nielson is said to own over 2000 guitars, many of which are unique custom designs. One guitar nicknamed Uncle Dick is a double-necked axe in the shape of a man complete with head and feet. Uncle Dick was featured on the cover of the Cheap Trick album Next Position Please. Nielson also has a guitar painted with the faces of The Beatles, a guitar with five necks and many guitars featuring his signature checkerboard pattern.

Another guitarist known for a wide array of guitars is Prince. He often plays a Schecter Diamond Series Cloud Guitar which he made famous when he used one in the film Purple Rain, but he also plays a variety of other guitars, including one shaped like the symbol he temporarily took as his name. The symbol is now known as "Love Symbol #2."

George Lynch of Dokken and Lynch Mob
With guitars sporting names like Flame Boy and Skulls & Snakes, George Lynch has one of the most flamboyant guitar collections in rock and roll. The Dokken axe master has a penchant for ESP guitars and has them painted with everything from tiger stripes to flaming skulls. Lynch understands showmanship is a big part of the show and his guitars certainly reflect this. His best known guitar, known as Mom, features a skull and bones design.

Dimebag Darrell Abbott of Pantera and Damageplan
The late Dimebag Darrell was well-known for his amazing collection of guitars. One of his most famous was the Dixie Rebel, a Dean guitar adorned with a Confederate flag design. Dean Zelinsky, founder of Dean Guitars, has said that Abbott's love of Dean Guitars is one of the biggest reasons for the brand's continued success. With a fondness for the Dean ML model, Dimebag played several Dean Guitars which he gave names such as Razorback and Dime-o-Flame.

Michael Schenker of UFO, Scorpions and Michael Schenker Group
No one in rock music is more closely associated with the Flying V guitar than Michael Schenker. The German guitar god has a large collection of V-shaped axes, most of which adhere to a black and white color scheme. Even the popular Flame V is designed in black and white with black flames on a white background up top and a mirror image on the bottom half with the colors inverted. Schenker clearly understands that understatement can be cool.

Eddie Van Halen of Van Halen
Eddie Van Halen is another well-known guitarist with an impressive collection of guitars. Though his most recognizable design is probably the random white stripes on red that many of his Kramer guitars sport, he has many other memorable axes in his six-string stash. From a bright yellow Charvel Hydra to an Ernie Ball EVH Ying Yang design, Eddie Van Halen has a wide-ranging assortment of guitars. Still, the best known axe associated with the band Van Halen may well be former bassist Michael Anthony's Jack Daniels bass guitar.

The coolest guitars often belong, not surprisingly, to the coolest rock stars. These guitarists definitely have a handle on cool and their guitars certainly prove it. More impressive than the look of the axes, however, is these rockers ability to play.

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