My pedalboard version # 100 something and counting


I'm pretty sure, I'm not the only one but from time to time I need to redo my pedalboard.

You find some reason:

It's not as versatile as I need

It's not doing what I want.

It's too big… it's too small..Etc

I need another fuzz, drive, modulation or who knows??


On my side after experimenting a lot 

I think I'm starting to really find what I want, to get to my personal Tone Nirvana!! At one point I'll probably change my mind, but some pieces in there has been around for a while now.

Here is my new board.


The setup is based around a Gig Rig Pro 14, it's an amazing programmable loop system. It allow me to do preset of my pedals. So if I want to switch from a clean with chorus and delay to a Distortion sound, I'm only one switch away.

Before that I would have to turn off Chorus, then Delay, then turning on the Drive pedal.


It Also act as an AB/y Box for my 2 Amps.


Signal chain is.

1- Custom Audio Electronic Wah

2- Chicago Iron Octavian

3- Foxroc Octron

4- Pete Cornish SS-3

5- Pete Cornish G-2

6- Providence Audio 80's Delay

7- Pete Cornish ST-2

8- Strymon Mobius


It's the first time that I'm putting modulation last. The only reason, I'm doing so is because the last loop of the gig rig is Stereo, so I'm curious to try those Vibe, Leslie, Tremolo and Chorus in Stereo.


I'm doing my first show with that board tomorrow, We will see if it's the last version or not ;)


Talk to you soon, please send your comments and question.

 Tell me How is your board? What's in there?




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