Quinn Texas Steel Head Amplifier

quinn texas steel front
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Discontinued Quinn Dumble Steel String Singer circuit with an overdrive channel

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Product Description

Here we have one unique amp made by some of the best ears in the business.┬áThis amp is a beast… This is a custom build and one of very few in existence and Shad Damron stop making them. Excellent condition. Well taken care of.
100 watts Dumble SSS type based on John Mayer amp with the addition of a sweet overdrive channel….no pedals necessary. All custom wound Mercury Magnetics Transformers.
Front panel:
Fet boost with volume knob,Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Overdrive gain, Overdrive level,Reverb, Presence, Master volume, Mid-Boost, Bright Switch, Deep switch, Rock/Jazz switch.
Rear panel:
Effects loop, Smooth switch, 6 position Overdrive Voice knob, Overdrive trigger knob (basically adjusts the amount of drive and saturation available)
Bias adjust.
Footswitch included for Overdrive, Fet Boost and Mid-Boost.


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