Nik Huber 2006 Korina Junior Prototype

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Best Les Paul Junior Style guitar money can buy.

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This is a 2006 Korina Junior with an original B5 Bigsby. As per Huber it’s a Prototype.
Korina neck and body, Brazilian rosewood fretboard, thick, big neck, Haussell tapped P-90 and…..a Bigsby !!!!! Light to medium-light weight. So resonant that you can feel it in your gut when standing and playing it.
The tapped pickup in position 1 is more like a fat Tele pickup. When you go to position 2 it is pure LP Jr. FAAATTTT tone. This guitar, although simple, is really like an Esquire and a Jr. all rolled into one..with….a wiggle stick.

The guitar features the following specs:
– Twopiece Korina Body and onepiece Korina neck
– Ebony headstock venner
– Rosewood fretboard
– Abalone dot inlays
– Tapped Harry Häussel P90 pickup (KILLER !!!!)

1 review for Nik Huber 2006 Korina Junior Prototype

  1. 4 out of 5


    Well said, sir. While I am still clinging to tubes, I ancwokledge that modeling is the future; there’s no way around it.The kids today are surrounded by digital technology. They will learn to play with this stuff; to them, the sounds they get from modeling gear will be the way things are SUPPOSED to sound. They will come up with NEW sounds. It is that ability to easily create a vast diversity of sounds that will turn tubes into a marginal choice. Then tube gear will get increasingly more expensive and eventually it will only be something used by the wealthy.

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